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Let Chef Greg Montana be your personal guide to a world where exquisite food merges with your unique vision.

Every Dish tells a story. Every flavor takes you on a voyage where each special event and hands-on cooking class opens up new horizons in the realm of culinary arts.

Chef Greg Montana brings a wealth of experience and passion to his craft. Having trained under some of the most renowned chefs in the world, Greg has gained a deep respect for local ingredients and a commitment to innovation. Chef Greg’s menu is constantly evolving, offering diners a chance to taste new flavors and techniques. It’s not just about the food – it’s also about sharing the knowledge and techniques of the culinary world with others.

Are you ready to embark on your culinary journey with Chef Greg?

With our tailored catering and private chef services we offer customized menus to satisfy your personal tastes. Whether it's the most important day of your life, a pivotal corporate event, or a private home gathering. Chef Greg brings to your table a legacy of fine dining and catering expertise designed to transcend your expectations and elevate your vision.

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Catering for Weddings and Private Events

Your event is where memories are made and the food should be just as unforgettable. Chef Greg assures not just a meal, but an experience that captivates your guests' palate and hearts.

Hands-on Cooking Classes

Step into Chef Greg’s professional kitchen for a dose of culinary wisdom, teaching you to craft extraordinary meals with precision and passion. Schedule a private class and bring your friends for a unique night of fun, education, and a delicious three course meal.
Learn invaluable techniques and tricks which will translate in to your every day cooking .

Curated Multi-Course Dinners

Savor an elevated meal with Chef Greg’s custom-crafted menus, by enjoying a unique seated dining experience at the chef's table. An experience designed exclusively for you and your guests...

Steamed muscles, make your own food work of art with Chef Greg Boynton at a cooking class

Why Chef Greg Montana?

There are those chefs that can offer you a meal  — and there are those that offer you a meal and an experience. With Chef Greg Montana, your tastebuds will soar to new heights.

  • Over 30 years of sophisticated fine dining and catering expertise
  • A commitment to excellence, focusing on one event at a time
  • Expertly honed skills and techniques brought straight to your plate.
  • A promise of creativity, with menus personalized for your unique tastes.

Whether you are looking for catering services, hands-on cooking classes, or curated multi-course dinners, get ready to experience the exceptional from a personal chef in Bozeman, Montana. 

Chef Greg Montana with favs - boule bread

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Chef Greg recommends:

Bozeman Wine Gallery for the finest wines


Foster Creek Farm a family owned exquisite property

Copper Rose Ranch a grand venue in Paradise Valley

Firelight Farm an artfully reclaimed 2-story barn 

Photos by Nashan Photographers – Melanie Maganias Nashan